Content Cloud

Viewing and Transformation

Robust, reliable, in-place document viewing, mark-up and transformation for any file type


Person on construction site using Viewing and Transformation solutions on their tablet.

OpenText™ Viewing and Transformation solutions allow users to work with virtually any file format without leaving their repository. With Viewing and Transformation solutions, users can share and collaborate on content, maintain governance and compliance and assure reliable access.

How OpenText Viewing and Transformation can benefit business

  • Collaborate seamlessly

    Provide robust document viewing, annotation, redaction, comparison, transformation and publishing features to streamline and automate collaborative business processes.

  • Work with virtually any file type

    Leverage document editing features to collaborate on any type of file, including Microsoft documents, PDF’s and CAD drawings, such as multi-files, xrefs and images.

  • Access content anytime, anywhere

    Enable distributed employees to securely view and collaborate on documents through a simple web interface using the device of their choice.

  • Maintain confidentiality, security and compliance

    Keep documents within the repository to avoid alternate versions in other locations. Use redaction tools to remove sensitive information automatically or manually.

  • Enable seamless system integration

    Integrate with enterprise applications and ECM platforms, including OpenText™ Extended ECM and OpenText™ Documentum D2, to share information and automate processes.

  • Gain a modern cloud architecture

    Leverage a flexible and scalable containerized architecture that can be deployed anywhere, on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid environment.