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Information Archiving

Simplify long-term data compliance and IT operations and accelerate migration to the cloud

Nearly 79% of IT spending may go towards operations and maintenance of legacy systems.[1]


Person sitting behind laptop working on information archiving solutions.

OpenText™ information archiving solutions deliver highly scalable, cloud-first archiving that streamlines IT investments while ensuring compliance. Information archiving provides long-term preservation of structured data, attachments and other unstructured content from applications, such as SAP®, Oracle, JD Edwards, IBM Content Manager and On Demand, to help organizations consolidate data and reduce IT capital costs.

How Information Archiving can benefit business

  • Decommission obsolete applications

    Eliminate costly legacy applications while complying with data retention, user access and stringent security requirements.

  • Cost-effectively transition to the cloud

    Preserve business-complete data within a scalable archive that makes full use of native cloud storage.

  • Manage operational costs for live applications

    Optimize current application support infrastructure for in-process data while maintaining user access to historical data with active data archiving.

  • SAP-certified document and image archiving

    Offload archived data while maintaining user familiarity and data fidelity with native cloud archiving integrated directly into the SAP environment.



  1. [1] IDC, A Call for Change: Moderate Federal IT Spending Growth Masks the Ongoing Burden of Legacy System, 2018