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Golden Omega

Golden Omega expands into new markets and leaps past the competition with OpenText. Chilean nutraceutical producer deploys OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions to support its enterprise content management (ECM) strategy, extend its SAP solutions, deliver operational intelligence and compete in new markets


  • Managing content in a highly regulated industry
  • Difficulty collaborating and sharing documents with external partners
  • Previous document management solutions provided no content traceability


  • Centralized single source of truth for enterprise content

  • Improved ability to comply with regulations to support global competitiveness

  • Achieved widespread adoption due to easy-to-use interface and search capabilities


With many competitors and much of its market based in Northern Europe and North America, the South American company faces challenges competing against very highly developed companies and economies. To enhance its foothold in this growing market, Golden Omega has focused on developing innovative production technology, as well as digital business transformation. To support this strategy, the company deployed OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions to support its enterprise content management (ECM) strategy.

Our mission was that OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions be the single source of information [with full audit capabilities] for the whole company, as well as for our customers, providers and collaborators outside of the company.

Diego Aviles
IT Director, Golden Omega

“Golden Omega operates in a highly regulated industry,” said Diego Aviles, IT Director for Golden Omega. “The nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry are under constant pressure from increasing regulations [particularly in Europe and North America] designed to ensure consumer safety. We needed a solution that could help us comply with these regulations. Our main business challenge was to have one single solution to store, share and collaborate on documents, with the right controls and audit trails. We chose OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions to help us to comply with all our document-related processes.”

Golden Omega’s use of SAP® also influenced the company’s decision to use Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, as it removes unnecessary cost from business processes while boosting productivity levels. Aviles noted, “The integration between OpenText and SAP was key to choosing OpenText over other content management solutions. We know there are many opportunities in the company where OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions could add value. We have a motivating journey in front of us to keep delivering benefits by transforming information flows for other areas of the business.”

With the help of trusted partner Entelgy Consulting, an international consulting and technology company, the ECM solution is now up and running in key departments across Golden Omega, including quality assurance, manufacturing operations and the quality control laboratory. Critical documents, such as standard operating procedures, certificates, statements and operational records, are now stored in OpenText™ Content Suite and delivered to other departments or internal functions using workflows.

Women working at a computer.

The adoption of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions has been really good. Users find the interfaces are easy to use and the platform is very reliable. They know that they’re going to find what they need because it has great search and classification capabilities. Overall, it’s been a great experience for them.

Diego Aviles
IT Director, Golden Omega

Since deploying the centralized ECM solution, Golden Omega has realized critical benefits. Most importantly, the solution allows the company to meet its industry’s regulatory requirements by controlling the entire content lifecycle and maintaining content integrity. Recently, Golden Omega was successfully inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Prior to the ECM solution, Golden Omega was using cloud sharing and storage solutions, which lacked important functionality, such as detailed content audit trails. Traceability and full audit control are mandatory for documentation systems in the industry. The use of e-signatures on workflows also enables integration of electronic approvals into the documents. Paper-based solutions for audit trails and handwritten signatures proved to be extremely inefficient and unsafe in the long run and had well-known issues, such as slow document flows and critical facilities that needed to be managed and maintained.

Now, with the OpenText solution, the company benefits from a system that delivers capabilities for managing critical content, including comprehensive security and user access controls, metadata categorization, version control and full audit trails. “We now use OpenText to leverage all the ECM features in an easy way for our users, but with all the audit trails and traceability that the information needs,” noted Aviles. The company is also using an add-on solution, OpenText™ Brava!™ for Content Suite, to view and collaborate on documents, including engineering plans and CAD drawings. The company now uses OpenText as its main engineering tool to review all things related to manufacturing. Brava! for Content Suite allows Golden Omega employees to consume different types of content and extensions from a single HTML web-based interface that enhances security and preserves file integrity.

In addition, the single, centralized repository for all content, whatever the origin or source, ensures that all users are working with the most current content. Regardless of the business application, Golden Omega employees have confidence that they are working with a single source of the truth.

Aviles explained, “Our mission was that the OpenText Extended ECM platform be the single source of information [with full audit capabilities] for the whole company, as well as for our customers, providers and collaborators outside of the company.”

Building on its success so far, Aviles and his team plan to expand the use of the OpenText solution as a strategic enabler to keep Golden Omega ahead of the competition, including additional SAP integration.

“We’re planning further integrations with SAP so that we can create a strong platform built on SAP and OpenText—so that every digital asset can be found from SAP or from OpenText, and every single document-related flow is managed in OpenText,” concluded Aviles.

Entelgy Consulting

Entelgy Consulting is an international consulting, technology and outsourcing group that is focused on providing innovative business solutions. Entelgy specializes in many areas, including Enterprise Content Management.

About Golden Omega

Golden Omega is a Chilean Company focused on producing high quality Omega 3 concentrates up to 85% of EPA and DHA obtained from fish oil. Golden Omega’s state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Northern Chile, close to the raw material source. This guarantees an assured supply of the best fish oil available worldwide as well as freshness and quality.