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Customer success beyond acquisition

Take a proactive total experience approach to guide customers through personalized customer journeys toward realizing value

of leaders prioritize customer experience, yet only 26% believe their customer-facing team handoffs appear seamless to customers[1]

Elevate customer success

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Business success depends on customer success and how relevant you can be to your customers and employees at any given moment. A holistic total experience approach is needed so you can respond to the fast-changing demands of both your customers and employees to drive the best business outcomes.

OpenText™ Experience Cloud enables brands to deliver on customer success. It orchestrates personalized customer journeys, proactive communication, and frictionless support, all in one cohesive platform.

4 keys to customer success

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    AI and insights-led customer experience journeys

    Personalization and customer journey mapping are key to retention. Companies need a clear data-driven personalization strategy to create customer journeys that are relevant and encourage customer expansion.

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    Proactive customer communication

    Customer communication is vital after a customer has purchased. Brands must use proactive and relevant notifications to maintain customer interest and loyalty.

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    Customer support excellence

    Contact center agents must be empowered and enabled so that when there is an issue, they can quickly resolve problems and create experiences that make customers champions.

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    Total experience strategy

    Total experience unifies customer and employee experiences. Engaged employees deliver superior customer service, enhancing the overall experience for customers.

Impact your business and fuel customer success

The OpenText Experience Cloud platform integrates experiences, media, communications, messaging, and data to deliver flawless experiences in one cohesive platform.

  • Holistic approach to customer engagement

    Customer acquisition costs are rising while expectations go unmet. Bring together critical experiences from purchase to onboarding, adoption, usage, and retention to drive customer lifetime value.

  • Customer experience gets conversational

    Targeted customer communications are a powerful way to increase engagement and build brand loyalty. Combine it with omnichannel messaging and customer journey management in one integrated solution.

  • Up-level agent experience and productivity

    Delivering premium customer service is a powerful competitive differentiator. Measure and optimize agent experience to empower employees to provide exceptional customer experiences.

  • Boost patient engagement with seamless data flow

    Shift from passive to proactive with patient-centered engagement. Leverage AI-powered Intelligent Capture to extract critical info from digital faxes. Streamline secure routing for informed decision-making with real-time access to patient information.

Customer success stories

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Frequently asked questions

Customer success is a discipline that represents the strategic efforts and actions undertaken by organizations to ensure that customers achieve their desired outcomes through product adoption or successful service utilization and throughout the customer success lifecycle.

These initiatives are designed to proactively engage with customers, understand their needs, address any challenges they may encounter, and foster long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer success is crucial because it aligns your organization with your customers, propelling business growth by taking a thoughtful, proactive, and strategic approach with customers to grow your portfolio over time (i.e., drive maximum customer lifetime value). In challenging economic conditions, customer success becomes even more important since it’s cheaper to retain and grow your existing base as acquisition costs rise.

Brands must deliver as much value as they can for their customers by ensuring:
  • Customer experience journeys are personalized and relevant.
  • Customer communications are proactive and not reactive.
  • Customer support is consistent, convenient, and frictionless.
  • There is a total experience strategy in place that addresses customer, employee, and operational experiences holistically.

OpenText Experience Cloud empowers brands to orchestrate insight-driven journeys that maximize customer lifetime value, link the impact of positive employee and customer experiences, and connect people, processes, and technology across all functions that touch the customer success lifecycle.

As organizations lean more on postsale customer engagement to drive revenue, a total experience approach is essential to deliver end-to-end connected experiences for both employees and customers. Total experience is a discipline and business strategy that focuses on creating exceptional experiences across various dimensions. It aligns with the evolving expectations of customers and employees by creating an engaging ecosystem of experiences both inside and outside of the organization. When employees are engaged and motivated, they want to do their best work for customers.

Total experience directly influences customer satisfaction by addressing all aspects of a customer's journey, from product quality to post-purchase support, creating a positive overall impression. Organizations need to adopt a total experience approach as part of their customer success strategy by embedding content in business processes, delivering information where and when it’s needed, and personalizing experiences for memorable interactions across channels.

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