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The Information Advantage

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Online or on the streets one thing is certain, crime is on the rise. And, yesterday’s tools are no match for today’s offenders.

The modern world is hyper-digital, creating more opportunities for cyber threats, attacks and exploitation. On-premises, in the cloud and over mobile devices, the methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect.

To develop cyber resilience and build a safer world, organizations need innovative new tools, cyber threat intelligence and capabilities to find the truth in data for a single source of information.

Enable a safer and more resilient world

Take back control from bad actors with the tools and resources to address current cyber security needs and emerging risks.

  • Catch threats in minutes

    Cyber threats can dwell in business systems for more than 200 days[5], doing untold damage to the enterprise, its customers and its reputation. Leverage continuous threat hunting and monitoring to catch threats in minutes and manage them before they escalate.

  • Protect attack surfaces​

    The pivot to remote work is expanding. The result is new attack surfaces, giving rise to new ransomware, rampant state-sponsored hacking and maturing online marketplaces for illicit material. Prevent and protect against blind spots across digital attack surfaces to ensure information security.

  • Minimize disaster impacts

    With evolving threat vectors, malicious actors only have to get lucky once to breach defenses. That means, in addition to prevention and protection, it is equally important for organizations to have a plan to minimize business disruption in the event of an unplanned disaster. Recover quickly and reduce business risk by safeguarding the most valuable business asset—data.

  • Enable a safer world

    Law enforcement and corporate investigation teams are stretched thin. From child exploitation to improper use of corporate assets, crimes and the number of digital devices that must be investigated for evidence are increasing sharply, yet resources remain constant. Leverage thorough, defensible, rapid investigation capabilities to image, triage, collect, analyze and report on evidence and resolve cases faster.

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